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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Catching up.... Rye Meads, Audley & Amwell

At Rye Meads yesterday and finally saw the Garganey (male); also we were entertained by...

A couple of Canada Geese..

An obliging Little Grebe..

a Cuckoo who was perched miles away... so my first shot ever of said bird (needless to say even 'record shot' is stretching it but so pleased to have got a shot at all :)

On the previous Thursday, the visit also brought
.... a brief glimpse of a chiffchaff..

and a small tortoiseshell...

Today, an early visit to Hatfield Forest - the Great Crested Grebe is still on the nest but I never saw her partner and, in fact, it was very bird light.  The weather was dreadful.. and showery!!

So I headed off to Audley End... and the rain followed me.  However, I did manage to have a stroll :)

I'd intended visiting the house, but after a cuppa and a sandwich for lunch (sitting in the car overlooking the lake), the queues were so long (it was raining rather heavily by now), I decided to wait for another day.

So home I thought... via Amwell... which was also very quiet.  I sat in the hide keeping dry, for a bit and these were my companions!!

Home for a cuppa!!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Tricia, your photos are absolutely magnificent! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour of nature.

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