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Thursday, 3 April 2014

A musical interlude and Spring in Hyde Park

We were off to a concert as LSO today... but before that we had a visit to Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens.

Spring flowers everywhere and the bird life certainly knew it was spring!!  Went to feed the birds as usual, but not many want to feed.. I assume they were mostly off courting and nesting somewhere.

Now the leaves are on the tree, the Tawnies are getting very hard to see; this may be the last picture for some time!!

A pair of Great Crested Grebes were rather obliging.

and 5 Mandarin ducks - all males - flew in!!

A wonderful wander but a pity about the 'smoggy' conditions!  There was definitely a 'taste' in the air

We bought some lunch and headed off to Bunhill Cemetery for a picnic lunch before heading of to LSO St Lukes.

Today we were listening to a very accomplished pianist.... Yevgeny Sudbin..; the performance being one of the Russian Romantic Piano Works series.

A very talented musician and not a piece of sheet music in sight!!

Alexander Scriabin - Sonata No 5 Op 53
Dmitiri Shostakovich - 24 Preludes Op 34, No 26 in B minor, No 17 in A-Flat Major; No 24 in D Minor

Rachmaninov Presludes Op 32: No 12 in G=sharp minor; No 5 in G major, Preludes Op 23: No 5 in G minor

Scriabin Sonagta No 9 Op 68
Mozart arr Sudbin - Lacrimosa
Yvegeny Sudbin - A la minute: Paraphrase of Chopin's Waltz in Dl-flat major, Op 64 No !

I enjoyed the last 2 pieces very much and the encore (which remains anonymous for the time being).

However, the first pieces were something very different and very dramatic.  I'm still not sure about these.. brilliantly played though without question!!

A great day out all-in-all!!

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Glo said...

A feast for the senses here (apart from the smoggy conditions). What gorgeous spring flowers, colourful birds and picturesque places ~ and music too. You are certainly seem to be keeping busy and enjoying all aspects of life. Thanks for taking us along.

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