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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Preening at Rye Meads!

The Kingfishers seem to be nesting now, with the male and female taking it turns to leave the sandbank.  We sat for sometime today, waiting for the overdue return of the female.  The male, during this time, came out and subsequently returned twice... and still the female hadn't returned.

However, a Little Grebe was being very obliging and was quite near whilst it preened..

Black headed gulls abounded and this one felt it was preening time too..

and whilst in the Kingfisher hide, good views of the pair of Kestrels that have started to nest again.  The female sat surveying the world all the time I was there...

and also had a preen!!

a short, but relaxing and interesting visit.....

1 comment:

holdingmoments said...

Lots of beautifying going on at the moment by the birds. Busy times ahead.

I must try and get down to Rye Meads soon. Not been for ages.

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