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Thursday, 26 March 2015

A day in Bologna - just a taster

We shut our eyes to the forecast of rain... and saw enough of it during the day....

Caught the train to Bologna - good service!  We were interested to know if Bologna would be a good base for a future holiday.

The glimpses we had of the countryside between tunnels were excellent but most of the journey was spent in tunnels.

Our first port of call was San Petronio Basilica

We wandered through the streets... lovely arcaded streeets which gave shelter from the rain..

Amazing food shops - vegetables, fish, meat, cheese,  and someflowers

A church on top of a small hill and a cobbled street led up to it..

and another church the Basilica  Santo Steohano

Very nice lunch in the C'era und Volta before heading back to the station via a local 'green' area

Great day and many more pics to come...

Strangely despite all the food shops, we had difficulty find a good place to eat... but as you can see from earlier - we did... very nice it was too :D

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