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Sunday, 29 March 2015

A return to Florence

Until about 3 years ago I hadn't flown or had a holiday abroad for about 13 years... and not had a holiday at all for about 5 years.....

So going to Florence previously was cause for celebration in itself as a holiday!!

And today, Saturday 21 March 2015 we flew off again.

Came out of the airport knowing exactly where to go to get the bus from Pisa to Florence - and the memories of the last visit came flooding back.

The Ponte Vecchio - such a sight.. even in the rather dull, albeit warm weather.

Lunch at somewhere we'd eaten the last time.. some pasta and a glass of vino...

Walking through Piazza della Signoria

And.. the Duomo... fantastic outside although I find the inside a bit of a disappointment..

We walked through several market stalls..

and then into the inside Market.. amazing.. nothing like this in the UK.... which is a pity..

Easter Eggs.. works of art!

Pavement artistry..

Ice cream!

and back along the river to our hotel..

Standing on the Ponte Vecchio... the holdiay has begun :D

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