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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring, some first daises and a first Cygnet at Arundel WWT

I had a couple of ours spare today, and as I was near Arundel WWT I popped in for a wander, some birds and a sandwich for lunch.

The wander was lovely in the warm sunshine.. The birds were showing definite signs of spring..

This Eider Duck was having a wash and brush up..

and two male Mallards were having a real ding dong... water everywhere.. and so aggressive..

and my first new born of the Spring - a young Black-necked Swan... This was a collection bird and I think quite recently hatched as it was very wobbly..

Round by the feeders work was in progress renewing the board walk so the feeder area was a bit under populated.. a Blue Tit posed for a wee while.

 The Black-headed Gulls are getting their black (brown) heads now reading for summer..

but some aren't quite there yet.

A Dunnock was in full voice, and had a fluff up..

and my very first daises of Spring :D


Pete Duxon said...

aw bless!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

A black necked swan would be a new one for me, I've seen yer actual black swan escapees though. Beautiful birds, especially on the wing

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