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Friday, 6 March 2015

A local Church - St Peter ad Vincular and village..

I'd been out this morning to Nymans (a post for another day) and it was pretty cloudy.  After a brief visit to home, the clouds cleared and sun appeared against a beautiful blue sky.

I'd often driven through a local village but never stopped..  but always wanted to see more.  The village has a pond with Mallards and, I think, a solitary Runner Duck, and a church perched on top of a hill.

So this afternoon I decided to explore.  It's really very pretty.

The Church is St Peter Advincular 


Amanda Peters said...

Bet you are glad you stopped as it looks a lovely place. Hoping to visit more churches this year and discover what nature is living amongst the grounds..
Amanda xx

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I had to look up a "runner duck", turned out it was what I suspected. My step-gradnfather used to refer to them as "Chinese Soldiers" for some reason

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