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Monday, 30 March 2015

Florence Day 2 - Piazalle Michaelangelo and Giardino di Boboli

We stayed in the Florence area for our first full day.  The weather was still warm but the light wasn't very good for pics.. however, at least for today it stayed dry.

Walking through the city we found..

And Little Egrets as we walked along the river.. we'd seen several on the drive from the airport to Florence but were pleased to see them back in 'our' neck of the woods - there was one almost permanently near our hotel on the last visit

and Pete found a Kingfisher.... I could just about see it over the high river wall but not well enough to get a picture... as Pete did :)

and now we start to climb - up up and up to the Piazzale Michaelangelo (first visit)  On the way up Pete spied a Hawfinch... we then found Serin and Firecrest... WOW..

Ah - tis another David!

hmmmmm - very nice :)

A visit to the church at the top of the hill - SanSalvatore al Monte

San Miniato al Monte... a service was taking place, and I don't feel comfortable taking pictures in this situation... don't think it's correct.. I just want to respect those who are there to worship.

and then a walk

And then walked through the Garden of the Rose (.. but not roses yet although there were leaf buds)

Pete made a friend with a book to share..

And finally back down to ground level for lunch at David's... with, of course, a glass of vino..

And for the afternoon?  when the sun came out... a return visit to the Giardino di Boboli - where, once again, we heard and saw Ring-necked Parakeets..

This is the Grotto

and back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel.... a balcony :)

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That reclining statue is a rather saucy looking fellow

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