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Friday, 22 May 2015

A foggy day in Guernsey when everything turned out OK in the end ....

Out last day... we awoke to FOG and drizzle.  However, after packing and brekkie we set off to discover a bit more of Guernsey - to Rousse tower.

Yellow flowers certainly brightened the day

 Our hired car for the hols.. - all hire cars in Guernsy have a yellow square with an H on it... I think this is to warn the residents that we're not used to the very very narrow streets/roads

From Rousse Tower we headed of to Sausmarez Gardens - where there was a sculpture exhibiton

After in initial wander we stopped for a cuppa where a family of Mallards greeted us..

A great tit was gathering moss..

We followed the winding path through the sub tropical gardens

This is Fort Grey cheese... locally made and is AMAZING!!  We brought this one home with us. :)

Back into the town for some lunch before heading off for the airport.

The fog was worse and we arrived at the airport early to discover that our 18.00 flight wasn't likely to depart until 20.45 at the earliest.... shock, horror!!  This delay caused by airplanes not being able to land in thick fog.

However ----- Pete asked for an update at the Aurigny information desk.  Having been told that we would not be taking over until well after 20.45, we were offered seats on a delayed earlier flight.. in the end we took off only 20 minutes after we would have been due to go in the first place.

All I can say is Well Done Pete - thank you x and I will never criticise for 'not asking' again :)

A fantastic holiday, despite some rather damp weather, and we plan to go back..

1 comment:

Wilma said...

I enjoyed your trip! That garden with its beautiful and unexpected art is simply wonderful.

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