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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Warnham LNR on a sleepy warm spring day

Popped into Warnham this afternoon.  It was understandably quiet in terms of birds - all on their nests no doubt.

However, Marsh frogs were making themselves heard..

And a Damselfly larva was ridding itself of its larval skin..

and three more larva were seen..

Fish were swimming and very near the surface...

 Quiet at the feeders but a Great Tit fed off sunflower hearts..

and the Mute Swan pair have now hatched 6 youngsters..

Quite a few Grey Herons were visible but at least one still on a nest..

and one keeping a Mallard company

Very pleasant stroll in the warm sunshine!

1 comment:

Chris Rohrer said...

What a nice collection of birds you have here. The Grey Herons look so similar to our Great Blue Herons. Cool stuff!

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