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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Polesden Lacey & Leith Hill Place

We set off this morning for Polesden Lacey.  A place I've visited often but not so by Pete.  It was reasonably sunny when we left but a very big black cloud hovered.  However, the cloud cleared, the sun shone, the sky was uninterrupted blue and it was..... WARM.

NB: Unfortunately I somehow managed to wipe the pics from one camera - wide angle lens attached.  So pics may not have huge variety today... :(

A cuppa and an excellent fruit scone on arrival.. well it had been a long time since brekkie....

This pooch was waiting patiently for its owners to finish their meal..

We started our walk - a female blackbird.

Glorious wisteria..

Deck chairs everywhere for those who wanted to sit and soak up the sun..

The distant views are glorious... (and here there's several pics missing)  :(

A luxury home for the chickens..

Part of the rockery

Peacock flutter..

and then into the house which was once the home of Margaret Greville


Returned to the cafe for a pleasant lunch before setting off for Leith Hill Place

Amazingly a male Siskin....

We sat outside with an excellent scone and a cuppa.  All the cakes and scones are made by volunteers and customers just asked to make a donation.   Excellent scone and still warm from the overn.

We sat in the sun with amazing views.

A fantastic day... and tomorrow?... something new and a little different.

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Gosh, those Minoan / Mycenean looking illustrations! Very striking.

Next door has a fine growth of Wisteria, overspilling into the folks' garden

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