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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Anglesey Abbey and Audley End House

Decided I'd head off for Anglesey Abbey today.  It was dull and cloudy when I left but had the odd glimpse of sunshine - A song thrush greeted me with it's song as I started my walk..

as did a Chaffinch... singing very close by..

The silver birches... looking good as they do all year round.


Wisteria hanging over the wall

Poppies.. almost there..

Rotten picture taken against bright light.. but this squirrel, as grey squirrels do, was eating the new leaves of the tree...

I'd had a scone during my walk.... it was ok but more like a cake than a scone... nice flavour though.

In the car park as I returned to me car, were some old cars coming in..

The day was still young. so I headed off for Audley End on my way back ..
I was greeted by a family of 5 young Mallard ducklings.... who weren't fazed by humans at all...

and came so close that in the end, too close for the camera to focus on..

A pair of Mute Swans...

and glorious colour of Spring Tulips..

Some Canada Geese Goslings... all three

In the kitchen garden, the chickens were active..

My fav tree!!

and finally, a visit to the cafe for a scone and cuppa.  Not the best of scones.. a little on the dry side and not convinced it was cooked today... I may be wrong.... but....

As I left the cafe the heavens opened..... time to call it a day methinks.....

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

no ducklings or goslings for me yet! My old workplace's little pond supported a regularly nesting mallard, on a pond about 5 metres bt 3

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