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Friday, 13 May 2016

Day 6 - a taster. something different

Well - had been up most of the night feeling somewhat under the weather.. so needed a fairly calm day.  We hadn't really planned where to do so decided to go back to the Botanic Gardens....

and we delighted that we had.... see further down :D

The Marsh Frogs were being very noisy again..

We'd seen this tree many times but I couldn't remember its common name which is Judas Tree

A well fed moggy who enjoyed our attention

and THEN .. what's that bird flying over?I asked Pete..he got the binocs on on it - BEE-EATER!! Started by seeing one... then two.. and finally saw three together

Needless to say as we hadn't planned going to the gardens or seeing/photographing birds, we had only the compact cameras with a short zoom ... but nonetheless, so pleased to get these record shots of a LIFER!!

We also had a fly over of a Peregrine Falcon.. very nice!

Missed - as it flew off

There was a family of Great Tits - but sadly while we were there, a Magpie made a meal of one of the chicks..

Carlos III

and then off for some lunch at a good cafe we had found previously..... Smoked salmon on toast with tartare sauce... went down well

We were going to the Prado Museum but the queues were long.... so instead we visited the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza 


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Bee eater! Would love to come across one of those

"we are the musical frogs...we live in the marshes and bogs"

Roy Norris said...

Well done getting the Bee-eater Tricia.

Tricia Ryder said...

Simon - was a very lucky find!!

Thanks Roy - couldn't believe our luck.. and given the limits of a compact camera.. we were lucky to get the shots we did :)

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