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Friday, 20 May 2016

Madrid Day 7 - the final day

Awoke to glorious blue sky...ironically the best we'd had all week.  So packing done, breakfast eaten and checked out of the hotel, we left our cases in the hotel's care and headed off out into the warm sunshine.

We walked through the town out to the Palace and Cathedral once more...

ooh look... cheeses :)

on one of the walls in front of the Palace, Mr Ponders posed

and then the lads, Mr Ponders, Diego and Mr Quacks all posed together outside Diego's former home

and then into the Jardines De Sabatini behind the Palace.... small and formal but lovely garden nonetheless..

Not quite sure what this was all about.. could be guards, or military?

and walking along, we came across a bride and groom having their picture taken

So back to the Plaza Mayor for some lunch.  Last time we ate here is was pouring with rain.  This time... the view as we sat at our table with a glass of vino...

Not quite sure what these two were doing... :)

As we sat we watched many House Martins looking for nesting sites at different levels in the buildings..

and here, you could stand behind the costumes to have your photo taken.

Still with a little time to spare, we revisted the Botanic Gardens... didn't really take any more photos, just enjoyed being there and looking for birds... no sign of the bee-eaters today..

So finally back to the hotel to collect our luggage and got a taxi to the airport.

Where did the last week go?  Far too quickly

It was an enjoyable week, in excellent company - thank you Pete,  and yes, it would have been better for less rain and more sun.

Here's to the next hols..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You just don't associate Spain with cheese. You know, I almost thought it didn't exist there, which is crazy!

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