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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Madrid Day 2 - A Palace, a Cathedral and a Park

Our first full day and would we have sun?  not much but even more rain and rather on the cool side..

We were off to the Palace..

The Palace is an amazing building..

The Cathedral

it is situated high up on the hill, and offers some spectacular views!

Beyond this point, cameras were not allowed so we bought some postcards which I scanned.

ooh a bit of blue sky!!

and then into the Cathedral - a stunning building and interior!!

From there we went to visit the Camp del Moro Gardens.. and on the way we saw Tree Sparrows, Monk Parakees and Spotless Starlings... very nice..

 took us a while to find the entrance

and as we walked along the road, looking into the Gardens, we espied a perched bird..a Peacock!

and a first outing for... Pete's new addition -  here is Diego (in the middle - he came from the Palace!!)

The heavens opened yet again so we called it a day and went back to the hotel..

Saw this chap on the way ...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Peacocks in the trees!!! I thought they just trotted around on the ground making awful screeching noises.

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