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Friday, 6 May 2016

Wimpole.. in sun and wonderful warmth..

Dropped the car off for a service and was rescued by Pete.. we wen off to Wimpole..

Greeted by Swallows.. lovely :D

This is Ginge.. one of two residents.. the other being Gina.. who was sound asleep..

First stop .. a scone and a cuppa..

Miniature tulips

Bees in the wall.. I'm assuming Masonary Bees

In the Farm

The bears Billie and friend Bentley.. some quality time..

Wonderful day out.. glorious weather..


Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Oh, so lovely pictures!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Not seen a swallow sitting still yet. Trying to shoot them in flight is pointless.

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