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Monday, 16 May 2016

Madrid - Day 1 - the full monty.. in the rain

We left at about 3.00 a.m. to head off to the airport.  It gradually got lighter and as we took off the sun was shining.. and walking out to the airplane, the air was warm.. lovely.

En route and the captain advised that it was about 13 degrees in Madrid.. and wet.. but meant to be getting better..

We landed in thick cloud and wet stuff.  So easily found a taxi to the hotel and checked in.  Having dumped out bags and sorted out cameras... we donned our waterproof shoes, coats and I had my trusty umbrella...

it tipped down!!

The Puerto del la sol

The Plaza Major

This was in a doorway that we passed

We went back to the hotel for some lunch and to unpack while we waited to see if rain would stop.. well... it did a bit.. but still rather grey and damp..

We then came across the food market - Mercado de San Miguel.. it was amazing and several of the stalls provided food as well.. it was quite crowded but we did have a 'sample' glass of wine from one outlet.

All made from icing!!

Enjoyable first day despite the rain... will we have sun tomorrow?..

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