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Monday, 2 May 2016

Nymans Gardens.. colour despite the rain

I had some shopping I had to do this morning... and then I was going to Warnham LNR.

However, shopping done I felt hungry.. so very impromptu I headed off to Nymans Gardens in the drizzle.

It was still damp when I got there, but despite the weather.. the car park was full to overflowing.. luckily I got a space.

Some of the magnolias are still in bloom..

Lots of Forget-me-nots..

and a nice scone for lunch... Mr. Ponders would have approved.. had he been with me today... oooops

This really has been a great year for tulips... beautiful colours to brighten up anyone's day!!

This song thrush was gathering worms and wouldn't stop to pose.. I think feeding young had, quite rightly, the priority!!

Rhododendrons in full bloom.

 as I left it became a bit brighter so I went on to Warnham LNR which was very quiet.  According to my blog, I'd seen Common Terns here this time last year.

Right at the top of the picture are the 2 nesting Great Crested Grebes.. records shots only today..
  One or two tufties about...


Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Beautiful place. Lovely tulips.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Curious little tower! I hope that sconce doesn't taste like a meteorite, as it looks like one.

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

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