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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Compton Acres

Today I didn't need to travel too far, and headed off for Compton Acres.  Thomas Simpson constructed the gardens in 1920 and is considered one of the finest private-owned gardens in England.

Just as I got out of the car and had bought my ticket the heavens opened so I had to wait a bit before venturing out ..

It is also a very popular venue for weddings which take place in the Italian Villa.  There were preparations for just such an event today.  But fortunately I was in the gardens before the wedding so could visit all parts of the garden.

Starting through the Roman garden..

and into the Italian Garden.. fortunately fully accessible ..

The Italian Villa

Palm Court

and the a stroll through the Wooded Valley.. with its water falls and cascades..

Various sculpture dotted about the garden..

Interestingly, this is the same as the sculpture I saw recently at Borde Hill Gardens and if memory serves, the same artist!!

and then into the Rock & Water Garden...

and the far end of this tunnel up in the 'ceiling' a wren had an active nest... I didn't realise that until..

I saw the Wren with a beakfull of food.. and then watched as it flew into the nest in the tunnel..

Along the sculpture trail....

Ponders thought this was a rather nice viewpoint..

and approaching the Japanese Garden

and through the arch into the Japanese Gardens

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Good old Euripedes wrote "The Bacchae" in the 5th Century BC, where Dionysus sends the Greek women into such a Bacchic frenzy that one of them, Agave, kills her son Pentheus thinking he is a lion.

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