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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Standen House and the restored Rose Garden

I'd read that the Rose Garden as originally created by Margaret Beale and recently discovered,  was now open... It's also the Standen Midsummer Garden Festival.. just a pity for Standen that the sun didn't chose to visit today..

However, I had a scone on arrival... which was pleasant.

And was kept company by this Robin who..

checked to see if anyone was looking then.

decided to help me finish my scone!!

and here at, what was the pond for swimming (the water will clear in due course) I met the Duty Manager, Lucy who very kindly... gave Ponders, Billie & Belinda a seat on the steps leading down into the pond..

Part of the celebrations, children were invited to make boats and then float them in the swimming pond

Poppies and wild flowers.. were amazing!!

and needless to say the boys wanted a ride.

Couple of the chickens in the kitchen garden...

Lovely time out... despite lack of sun :)  and thanks to Lucy for her help and information..

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