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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Visit to Kingston Lacy - with some fond memories...

I'm down in Dorset for a few days.  In some ways this is a family memories type holiday.

Spent many childhood holidays in the area where I am  . places I will visit will be re-living childhoods memories of several childhood holidays in the area ... :)

I left early, just as well, as mist and fog slowed traffic down considerably....  Checked in and left luggage at hotel (too early for room to be ready) -  had some breaky and the headed off.

Today, I visited Kingston Lacy..  This is quite often somewhere Mum and I would stop when en route to Devon or Cornwall. area

Kingston Lacy house - family seat of the Bankes family  was a lavish family home and built to resemble an Italian Palace.  And the room carving and beautiful pictures on some of the ceilings really do lend substance to that.

Equally masterpieces by the likes of Rubens, Van Dyck, Titian and Brueghel are in abundance it seems!!

A wander through the informal and formal gardens...

Mr Ponders, Bertie and Belinda though the view was rather good ..

and along the Queens Walk and ..

passed the Japanese Garden..

and a 'meeter and greeter' at the entrance to the kitchen garden.. I give you Mr. Hill :D

and on this visit I was able to see the house.. not something I'd been able to do before...

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