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Monday, 20 June 2016

Petworth .. for a short wander....

Been a strange day - hither and thither... but finally by mid afternoon I managed to get out for some fresh air at Petworth.

It was periodically sunny and very warm after the day-long rain... almost how I imagine monsoon conditions to feel like.

As I wandered up the hill, a family of Nuthatches were darting about - I think there were 3 of then but they were very fast and the light was against them.

Lots of orchids growing in amongst all the meadow flowers..

I know Mallards don't perch, said Mr Ponders, but this hole was just the right size for me to gaze out at the world from..

Given we've had a great deal of rain and it's been warm, everything is looking very lush and green!!

I popped into the cafe for a fruity scone..

Roses were looking lovely

Pleasant wander and Mr Ponders was glad to escape for a bit ...

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