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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chichester Cathedral - Flower Festival 2016

Two years ago at the end of May 2014 I went to Chichester Cathedral to see my first Flower Festival.. it was an amazing event and such talent of those involved

Well, given this is an event that happens every two years, I bought my ticket a few days ago and this morning I went to visit the glory of colour at Chichester Cathedral

This year's theme is The Artist's Palette - 50 thousand flowers have gone into the creations ..

The Nave

and as you enter the Cathedral ..

The font

and then a tour around the cathedral.  I cannot do justice to the wonderful floral exhibits by any description.. and I just wish I had a camera capable of 3D photography..

So what follows is just a taste ..

Four somewhat talented youngster providing music to accompany us..

This set piece suggested by Canaletto brought back some very happy memories of a recent holiday in Venice .. a place I shall be returning to before long :)

What a wonderful way to be able to spend some time on a dull grey day outside.  The explosion of colour certainly made up for any lack of sunshine on the outside.

So - here's to 2018!!

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