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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Lovely visit to Hidcote Manor Gardens

Was off at crack of dawn with Pete & Trev for a visit to Hidcote Gardens.

We were early, so stopped for a bit of shopping.

in a fave cheese shop where some very special cheese was bought... ..

And then on to Hidcote... Wisteria was well in bloom and the scent was wonderful..

Bees were about .. it was warm but not sunny

A young Blackbird

and a robin and house sparrow kept the blackbird and us company while we had a welcome cuppa

Messrs Quacks, Diego and Ponders, with Belinda and our guest - Pikup the penguin :)

Newts in the pond.. which sort though?

Emerging Dragonfly from larvae

And from there on to the Red Lion at Long Compton for an excellent lunch..

Wonderful day out in every way :D

1 comment:

Nora said...

Lovely photos, I like the blue poppy and all the lovely gardens. Sounds like a wonderful place to go! cheers.

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