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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Chartwell - in the mist

I checked the weather and traffic conditions.. the mist was meant to be clearing and motorways looked clear so set off for Chartwell.

Roads were fine!!  Mist.. doing rather too well.

The feeders next to the visitor centre, were very well attended


At this time of the year when the plants have died back a bit... the streams and waterfalls are more easily visible..

Robins were everywhere... good time of the year for them..

Huge number of Greylag Geese

Fido and Audley approved of the request for visitors NOT to feed the Black Swans..

and three white ducks...

Greylag Geese..

Sir Winston & Lady Churchill..

Sir Winston with Fido & Audley..

Fido & Audley sat on the notice board and...

then a Robin arrived..

and wanted to be in the picture too..  all was well until the Robin pecked Audley in the side!!!.. and then flew off...

Not a huge fan of Cheese Scones... but today I tried one and it was a goody...

Drove back in the mist and now... the sun is out and patches of blue sky!!!  hey ho... :)
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