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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Staying local on Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve...Stayed very local today... popped into Warnham LNR for a while... all very quiet

Magpie at the fat... and

..success to own onto the ground for the morsel

The Tree outside the visitor centre covered in berries... and some Redwings.... a Blackbird enjoyed them too

Managed to grab a shot of one of the Redwings... it wouldn't pose that nicely though..

But a Robin posed much better... just a shame about the awful light!

Coming home I decided to pay the local fish pond a visit.  Light was even worse now... and no birds about.. which is a shame as it's often a good place for birds..

and tomorrow.... is Christmas Day!!!...


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Have a good one! Love the redwing, its too mild for them to be numerous in town

Tricia Ryder said...

Have a good one as well, Simon and a peaceful New Year...

About half a dozen of them.. seen a few elsewhere with a few Fieldfares.. lovely birds..

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