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Friday, 9 December 2016

Chichester Cathedral & Petworth House & Park

For a December day it was warm!!  Very dull early morning as I headed off to Chichester for some shopping.

Decided to have a look in the Cathedral.  There's a new sculpture over the font.  "Connection" by Galia Amsel.  It is quite dramatic and give blue is my favourite colour....

The font below the sculpture

There's was hardly anyone in the cathedral.. chairs all set out for a service later on.

The organist was 'practising' whilst I was there.. was lovely to listen to..

Back outside and lovely to see some winter colour in the flower beds (maintained by the Cathedral)

 Shopping done and cathedral visited I headed off.

Later on I had a short visit to Petworth and Mr Ponders introduced Frank to the art of scone eating.  As usual the Petworth Fruit Scone was very good.. and Frank thinks it will be a good idea to try some more!!

There's a wonderful & stunning Christmas exhibition in the house.. . The theme is an Italianate Christmas Masquerade.

I will be back to take pictures when I've got the appropriate camera with me!!.

This is just a taster

So off for a wander...

Frank viewing the lake..

A solitary Greylag

It was warm enough to sit for a while......even on a stone bench!

and Frank met Mr Mole for the first time..

It's good sitting in a tree in the winter sunshine..

Lovely to get out for a bit... tomorrow's forecast?  is pants!!! sob..

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

It is so muggy tonight it is crazy!

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