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Monday, 19 December 2016

Petworth House - an Italianate Masquerade ...

After a really good weekend away - thanks Pete..   having got home and unpacked I headed off to Petworth Park House to take some pictures of their Christmas event - the Italianate Masquerade .. which was beautiful.. the pictures don't do it justice.. and the hard work  put into this by the creator Denise Watson.. is amazing!!  All the 'people' are made from PAPER !! is so clever... and thanks to Denise Watson of Delicarta for some amazing work!!

There was a theme running (aimed at the children.. but ;)  of  finding the mice which were dotted about in the four rooms.. I managed to find 16... don't know if there were any more!!

On entering the house..

the beautifully decorated banister rail of the staircase

and before you enter the first room..

and then into the first room


more mice!!

and even more mice!!

 On the canals.... Venetian Style :)

and this mouse had its own gondala

and a very nice fruity scone for lunch

and for a wander - it was raining....there is a series of these 'invitation' cards along one of the paths to the house..

a lovely exhibition -  I counted 16 mice in total ..... pity about the weather.. but as Petworth is my 'local'  I can see it in all it's guises!!

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