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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Gunby Hall, Tattershall Castle and some new friends!!

I headed off this morning.. a very grey and dull one.. for Gunby Hall.

On the way I noticed about 20 ish Red Legged Partridges on bales of hay.. not the best of pics - the light was dreadful to say the least..

The wind was blowing - mightily.. so I started with ...

a visit to the house first..

well, it was 'water related' so Ponder wanted to pose

and then lunch.. as there are no facilities for cooking at Gunby (no space) I decided we'd go for the Coffee Cake.. very nice!!

We had companions..

and then a wander around the gardens.. the walled gardens was wonderfully sheltered from the strong winds and still had plenty of colour..

 I was just coming out of the painting exhibition in the Orchard Gallery when a young lady asked me "are you the lady with the duck?" yes I said.. oh great, she said... I've being trying to find you having seen your tweet about scones and coffee cake here this morning"!!

The young lady in question was Astrid Gatenby, who si the Visitor Experience Manager at Gunby and who has been following the exploits of Mr Ponders and others..

It was great to meet her and having a long natter, Astrid took me off (behind the scenes) to meet the two cats who 'own' Gunby and have been there for about 10 years plus.

Firstly this is Committee (she was thus named as her looks suggest she was designed by a committee.. a cat of many colours rather than many coats!")

However, despite being introduced to Mr Ponders, she remained aloof and disinterested... Mr Ponders has broad shoulders.

Posing for with pumpkins in the walled garden

and, in a secluded greenhouse, we were introduced by Astrid to Craig.  Now Craig is looked after very well by the NT staff at Gunby as he has Diabetes and requires regular injections..he was gorgeous and so cute.

He immediately welcomed Mr Ponders and Fido into his private 'crate' and quickly snuggled down with them..

Leaving Craig in peace, I was introduced to some of the amazing gardeners who keep Gunby's gardens in such excellent shape.. they were on their lunch break, but Fido and Mr Ponders 'borrowed' on of their hats for a photo call!!

Time to leave with a quick look at the Church.

And then on the way back, a visit to Tattershall Castle..

Where I climbed to the top for some views... just a pity the sun never came out and the grey persisted!!

Being near RAF Coningsby.. I'd been seeing a number of these aircraft streaking across the sky.. awful pic ...

A visit to the church on the way back to the car park..

and then back to where I'm staying

Lovely to meet Astrid, Committee and Craig and thanks for your lovely comments Astrid!!

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