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Sunday, 29 October 2017

West Dean Gardens and a pond with Goslings

Plan A - aborted as threatening black clouds were gathering.

They eventually cleared so off to West Dean Gardens.

Decided to walk up the hill along the Pheasantry Walk... I discovered  bit of it and more to explore on another day

All the usual sheepies in the field..

Seen one or two Red Admirals.. it was really warm in the sun though..

Badgers investigating..

Hmmm Pumpkins..

Don't think badgers are made to climb trees!!

Still some colour in the kitchen and walled gardens

Various gourds

I stopped at the pond on the way back curious to see if the Egyptian Geese Goslings were still about
I'd first seen 10 of them, very newly hatched on 30 September - they were tiny then

They were still there - and this time 9 of them.. only 1 missing which is quite a success

Three of their neighbours

Lovely and unexpected sunny day... getting cooler now... had first frost the other morning..


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

gosh red admirals still for you! REckon we are done for them here now

Tricia Ryder said...

even saw another one today.. but was warm in the sunshine!

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