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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Hardwick Hall.. a first visit

When I set off today, the weather forecast wasn't promising .. mostly various shades of grey... the forecast was accurate!!..

I head west to Hardwick Hall.. somewhere I'd not visited before - it's an amazing place.

"Bess of Hardwick" was the creator of Hardwick Hall back in the 1500s She was the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth 1.  The windows are exceptionally large for the period when it was build, as at that time glass was a luxury.  The hall was designed by Robert Sythson in the ate 16th century.  It remained in the ownership of Bess's descendants util the mid-twentieth century.

The 'current' building is the 2nd Harwick Hall...

It was a cool day to say the least; consequently it was lovely to see a warming fire to greet us.

Through the entrance and old stable area..

The 'new' Hardwick Hall

A view of the Old Hall.. ruins now and in the hands of English Heritage - the history is HERE.

So into the existing Hall

I started with a wander around the gardens..

and then headed into the Hall

It's completely different from most houses I've seen. very spacious and the large windows give great deals of light

The tapestries were quite amazing and appeared to be in most rooms...

Amazing work..

and the back out for a visit to the Old Hall

Pity the weather wasn't better... as the views were great!!

A great visit... I had soup (very nice) at lunchtime as I wasn't really hungry.  Hardwick Hall, and it's not alone in this.. operates a "reserve your table and give the table number on ordering" system - which really annoys me.. as a single visitor how can I reserve a table!!! When asked for my table number and I explained I couldn't reserve one, I was 'advised' to find a table and quote the number!!!! I pointed to a then vacant table and said that one will do... you must know the number!!

If I have any criticism of NT catering it is this... please get it sorted for single visitors NT.. I know I'm not alone in this!!

And here ends the last holiday for this year... roll on 2018!!

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love the chap with the flute!

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