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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Arundel WWT and Warnham LNR

I had an appointment mid-day today.. so as it wasn't far from Arundel, I paid a visit there enroute.

Generally it was very quiet.. Bath-time in the collection bird areas though

Along the boardwalk

More bathing!

and then at the Ramsar Hide.. approximate 25 ish Snipe!!  Couldn't believe it.. they were well tucked down in the reeds and difficult to see.. also the were between the sun and my camera.  also a few Teal in amongst them... just lovely

As I left the hide, a cobb Mute Swan was trying to take off from the nearby pond... it didn't gain enough height and landed with a thud on the hard pathway right in front of me.  I reported this and then went back to see it.. it had recovered and managed to get back into water.. I watched with a couple of others while it had 3 attempts to take off... all unsuccessful.  I then had to leave as I was going to be late... hope it got off ok.

So after my appointment I visited now the light was going and not much about.

and sunset as I got home!

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