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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Horsham... a very quiet Boxing Day wander

Not feeling that brilliant today, I stayed local needing to get some fresh air to blow the cobwebs away. 

Horsham is normally quiet on  Boxing Day so I headed off hoping for some local pictures without hordes of people.  It was quiet, the car park had a cheap all day rate.. so I just wandered.

The first historical record of Horsham, a market town, is from AD 947.  The name could either be Horse Home or Horsa's Home - (a Saxon warrior who was granted land in the area.

The town has been known, historically, for horse trading in early medieval times, Iron and brick making up until the 20th Century and, more recently, brewing.

Horsham also hold the UK record the the heaviest hailstone ever to fall.. on 5 September 1958 a hailstone weighing 140g landed on the town.  It was similar size to a tennis ball.  !!

The Carfax with the war memorial and in the distance, the Bandstand.  It's not often you get such a clear view of the Carfax.. normally busy with people and on market days, many lovely stalls.

The rear wall of the War Memorial

and the front

Not sure why these vehicles were here today, but rather interesting

and then just a wander

Along the street leading to the church (which was closed today) the house had some very pretty Christmas scenes in the windows.

There were also numbered items suggesting an advent theme, with the church bearing number 24

Hammond Innes was the author of Campbell's Kingdom, the Wreck of the Mary Deare amongst very many other books.

and a view of the Garden of Remembrance

Somewhere I've tried to stop for coffee on a couple of occasions - but it's always been full.. I shall be trying again!!

Really good to get out, even though it was a grey day.. but therapeutic nonetheless.
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