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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Polesden Lacey House for Christmas and gardens

Today I went to Polesden Lacey which is the former home of the famous Edwardian hostess Mrs. Greville, who entertained royalty and celebrities.. 

Today the theme was a 1930s Christmas party and the house was looking wonderful.. I must give credit to those involved in all the Christmas decorations and in particular, those who were responsible for the many, varied and spectacular flower arrangements.  It was such a wonderful visit and really got one in the Christmas spirit.  My thanks as well, to all the volunteers who made our visit so enjoyable.

We had a short wander first... but this was curtailed by a sudden and fierce cold rain shower.. might even had been hail!

and then for our visit to the house

There was a theme for finding the Greville dogs.. there had been 16 favourite over time.. we didn't find them all, but manged just a few..

Ollie doing the ironing!

Poor dog.. so high up against the ceiling!

Probably one of my favourite rooms..

This room, in the Italian style is stunning even without the Christmas decorations!

 A lunch stop with a scone for Ollie...

and then, as the rain had stopped a wander through the Rose Garden

Into the Winter Garden..

and a Snowdrop - in flower!

and a final walk along the herbaceous border

and a Christmas wreath as we left

A great day out.. thank you for your company IHD... :)

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