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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Warnham LNR - most the usual culprits and the Kingfisher

The last couple of days.. well, let's say no more.  But today after a domestic morning I managed a couple of hours at Warnham..  

Mostly grey but the sun did try to come out for a brief time..  The water level was very high..

Posy blackbirds.. lots of these today

A few Siskins.. but didn't manage any pics away from the feeders..

and the usual Nuthatches

It just wouldn't look my way

Out on the water.. a single Shoveller.

and back at the feeders

A female Great Spotted Woodpecker..

Lots of Robins.. and saw two together.. no pic though

and the Kingfisher flew past as I was in the Tern Hide.. and remained stationery except to move further along the bank

Good to get out for a bit and have some fresh air.

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