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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Another garden visitor

I do wish this dreadful wind would give up and go. There's something about the ruthlessness of strong wind that makes you feel so powerless and out of control! However, it looks as though the wind will die away over the next two to three days but is forecast to return as we head towards Easter!

Consequently my planned trips haven't yet happened but, as usual, other matters intervene.

Thank goodness for my garden visitors. The variety of bird species continue to visit including Mrs. Blackcap and the two Bramblings. The field mouse still gets through huge quantities of sunflower hearts and the pond frogs are still be observed emerging from the watery depths in the evenings. The frogspawn is developing and the little black "spots" are now more elongated in shape.

However, this morning in broad day light, I had another of my less frequent visitors. A fox. This is not the usual visitor, Kinky. With incredible originality I've named him that because he has kink at the end of his tail!

The new fox looks quite young but I don't know whether it's a fox or vixen.

Camera was handy, so took a quick shot through the window. (The funny yellow colouring is reflection on the glass.)

And tomorrow is another day; or so they say.

1 comment:

Pete said...

and he/she poses so nicely!!

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