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Friday, 14 March 2008

Very welcome visitors

Another day of excitement in the garden. I've now have two Long-tailed Tits visiting daily for the last few days. Interestingly they always seem to appear at the latter end of the day - just in time for supper before going off to roost somewhere.

This morning at about 6.30 a.m. a Dunnock was helping me in the garden by gathering beakfulls of moss - so nesting seems to have started. Unfortunately it went out of my line of sight as it flew off - pity really that I can't demolish the corner wall of the house, as I wanted to get an idea of where the nest is.

I then had a visit from Mr. Green Woodpecker. He stayed around for about 15 minutes, which was great, and fortunately I had the camera next to me so managed to get a shot or two.

Siskins and Bramblings are still on the agenda but Mrs. Blackcap was having a day off today.

My other very welcome visitor was my son who's up from Bristol. He's off to a family "do" in Essex tonight and stayed over last night to break his journey. Tonight his accommodation is at the side of the A12. I hope he sleeps soundly!

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Mel said...

Lovely pics!

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