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Monday, 10 March 2008

Catching up

I can't believe that it is six days since my last blog. Where do they days go!!

Not much birding activity for one reason or another. Had a chest infection (now gone) and just as "it was safe to go out" the gales and rain have curtailed my activities and I've been down in West Sussex for a couple of days. Hopefully, when the rain stops, I will be able to get to Bushey Park to check on the progress of the Egyptian Goslings. Hope they've weathered the storm OK.

Mrs. Blackcap continues to visit me as do the 5 Siskins. One particular male has magnificent colouring and well defined colours as well. However the three Bramblings have decided to move house and have probably found somewhere more acceptable for the time of year.

On Saturday morning, I wandered into my favourite bird watching spot (aka the lounge window), and a Grey Heron and I were very surprised to see each other.

It is not unusual for me to see Grey Herons as I'm near reservoirs and rivers, but this is only the second time one has landed in the garden.

They often perch on the roof of the houses beyond the bottom of my garden.
This picture I took two years ago with my old lens, so not very good quality:

I'm hoping that it won't be too frequent a visit as there is masses of frogspawn in the pond. Do Herons eat frogspawn? I'm sure a small newly developed frog would provide a tasty snack though.

Having been away for a couple of days, one of my first tasks is to check the garden for birds and the pond for activity.

However, most birds will have gone to their roosts by the time I got in and it's a bit early for the frogs to have started coming out of the pond for their evening's entertainment. Although, as I type, a Robin is serenading me as it gets dark. Wonderful sound which I will never tire of.

Tonight they won't have any difficulty in leaving their watery home as, with the rainfall, the pond has now risen to the edge of the surrounding area. I wonder if it will overflow? The frogspawn is safely in the middle so, hopefully, will be OK in this event.

I'm also hoping to get to RHS Wisley. However, I heard on my local radio station today that, in the interests of public safety, the RHS closed the gardens to the public. There are some trees in the Pinetum that are over a 100 years' old and some of the branches have fallen in the gales today.

Fingers crossed for some better weather; my camera will seize up if I can't use it very soon.

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