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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Just checking!

Having been confined to the house for a couple of days I decided, despite the cold wind, to venture out to my local patch, Bushey Park. Principally, I wanted to see if the Egyptian Goslings were still in the same area, and still numbering four - yes, on both counts.

Green Woodpeckers were "waffling"; Long-tailed Tits were twittering. I heard, then saw, a Great Spotted drumming - which was nice.

And the inevitable Ring-necked Parakeets were very vocal. I can see why some get so fed up with them and I think I might be going that way too. Their screeches drown out the voices of our native birds.

I wandered through the larger of the two woodland gardens which was getting very colourful with many Camellias in bloom. Also caught sight of a fox slinking through the undergrowth.

Hope you'll bear with me, dear reader, as there's some more gosling pics coming up:

Mum and Dad decided it was time for a drink and a swim:

But, in the cold bitter wind, the younsters weren't for swimming!

What they really wanted was a cuddle with Mum..
But Mum was having a preen....

Finally, Mum decided to stand up and
just as she sat down again, they headed for cover

and snuggled under

thereby sheltering from the cold wind

there's always one though, that has to be different.
and decided there was more to see

Many Black-headed Gulls about, some were completely
in the Summer plumage, some in-between and others
appeared to be in full winter plumage.

Lots of blossom in the Woodland Gardens

and water rushing from the main pond down
into the stream below

Walking back to the car (in very dull light) I
saw what I initially thought were four songthrushes
but they turned out to be - Redwings!


Pete said...

the gulls is nice and the chicks still cute

Mel said...

What a great set of pictures!
I love the sequence with the chicks :)

Anonymous said...

The Egptian Geese young are delightful and the pics show that. Nice to see a Redwing!
We have only managed a field offieldfares here!
Searching continues!

Tricia said...

Mel - thank you for your kind comments. And welcome to you; you are my first visitor from outside the UK to comment. I shall be popping in to your blog :)

C - nice to see so many fieldfares!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi there Tricia, I really like the goslings. (I linked :-) ) I never have seen an Egyptian duck. I would have taken hundreds of pics of those goslings!! Lovely.

Tricia said...

Thanks Ocean - I did take a great number - they're just sooo cute!

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