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Monday, 24 March 2008

Today was meant to be better - weatherwise

I'd promised myself a walk today and the forecast wasn't too bad. The Four Muskateers (daughter, grandson, dog and I) decided we'd go off the Richmond Park.

We delayed our start this morning as it was raining but by the time we left it had stopped. Great. Or so we thought. Driving there the clouds got blacker and blacker and then? Joy oh joy, it started snowing. In fact it started snowing heavily.

Undeterred we carried on and eventually got there and parked the car. Too late to abandon now so on came the waterproofs and off we set. It was still snowing at this point but was much more acceptable than rain; and fortunately the wind was hardly present!

We parked in the car park closest to Pembroke Lodge. Pembroke Lodge (in 1847) became the home of the then Prime Minister, Lord John Russell and was later the childhood home of his grandson, Bertrand Russell. Nowadays it is used as a restaurant and has great views across the river.

And it was on this side of the part we explored today. The ground drops away quite steeply and has many old oak trees amongst others. Not much in the way of wildlife observed today as we were mostly watching our feet. It was incredibly muddy and slippery but most of us (my Grandson excluded) managed to stay upright.

The snow held off until we got back to the car and then home.

And so - this afternoon? Blue sky and sun.

Can't win them all!


Island Rambles Blog said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to be out and about Tricia..too bad it rained and snowed but sounds like it turned out good anyway....cheers.

Jan said...

That's why I rarely go out early - the afternoons tend to be better here! (Sounds like our weather is better anyway for once, no snow here :) )

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