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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Brrr - A Frosty start

Well I didn't get out with the camera today, instead had a day out with my daughter - which was really great!

It dawned bright and frosty this morning. The pond was frozen, as was the bird bath. The visiting birds were waiting expectantly to have the ice broken and water exposed so - clad in PJs and a thick fleece coat, there was I braving the cold to remove the frozen water and replenish the bird bath - the birds, duly thankful, returned for a drink as soon as I was safely back inside.

Just a few early morning visitors from today
Through the Looking Glass
(aka double-glazed window)

Blue Tit at the edge of the frozen pond
(It seems to have a rather long beak!)

Mrs Blackbird



Frosted grass!

and Abelia "jewels"

(And on a personal note: Mum continues to improve - which is a great relief) :D


mick said...

Lovely photos as usual. Oh how I wish for a little blast of that frosty air of yours! It hasn't gone below 80F (27C) all night and the humidity is high too.

Tricia said...

Hi Mick - I can understand why you'd want a little cold blast in the high temperatures you're getting at present. 80 at night is NOT at all pleasant for sleeping - or not - as the case may be.

Cheryl said...

HI Tricia......I love the bird matter how many bluetits I see, they always make me smile.....

I am pleased to hear that Mum is improving......

Liz said...

Lovely photos Tricia, it seems to be rather chilly down your end recently.

Not had frost in a good few weeks here now, although today has been rather cold and dull :( bring back the frosts, at least it was sunny then!

Glad to hear your mum is improving!

Tricia said...

~Thanks Liz. Just been outside to do the bins, and boy - it's freezing!!!! literally!

Tricia said...

Know what you mean about the Blue Tit's appeal Cheryl :D

Little Brown Job said...

Stumbled across your site today, beautiful images, especially the Blue Tit.

I love garden birds and I'll be sure to keep dropping by.

Hope you don't mind me linking here.


Eagleseagles said...

RSPB idea - put ping pong balls or corks in the bird bath - this apparently stopsthe water freezing.
I expect you have corks about the place.

They blow about and stop the water from being stationary.

That avoids the pjs and fleeece route!

Glad to hear Mum is feeling better.


(Waxwings in Folkestone were beautiful!)

Tricia said...

Paul - nice to see you here. Thanks for linking here and pleased that you've done so. You have some great pics on your sight and I envy you your Bullfinches :D

C - thanks for the info. I shall try the ping pong balls and start saving up some corks!

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