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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sun and Birds walking on water!

The sun disappeared at the latter end of the morning but fortunately came out again around 2.00 p.m. I was having to charge a camera battery and the other was running low. Nonetheless I decided the light was far too good to waste, so off I went. During my walk around Bushey Park the battery, as expected, died, but I'd taken my compact camera so that got used for the first time in many weeks!!

The sky was blue; just the slightest breeze; the sun was golden and the temperature - cold - it was the most beautiful winter's day.

The pond still had a thin layer of ice on it which resulted in birds "standing on water" - this vision rather played with the senses!

Views around the park


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, your pictures are marvelous. Must be chilly over there as the water is frozen. We're holding out well so far this winter.

Tricia said...

Thanks as usual OC!

Tis a bit chilly but the sun was actually warm! The ice was there from last night and hadn't melted at 3.30 p.m. Freezing temperatures again tonight - should be interesting tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Love the B-H-Gull pic's. But the one that caught my eye, is the lone Gull with rippled reflection, superb pic. Also your Gull in flight, again superb and such a good photo for anyone learning Gull plumage, the detail is very good. Thanks.

Tricia said...

Hi Anon (do you have a name?) and thanks for your comments.

I'm not sure which Gull in flight picture you're referring to? Perhaps on another day's post?

shirl said...

Hi again Tricia :-)

Great bird shots - tricky to decide my favourite! However my favourite overall pic from this posting, hands down, is the first tree photo in the views around the park. Wonderful and exactly the image that 'drew' me to drawing as a child :-D

BTW - you guessed my mystery guests correctly. I just hope they visit again tomorrow morning. I wonder how many are in this flock too. What a treat this is to see - you say you get them - regularly? I have only seen them once before and never expected them to return! I am thrilled :-D

Tricia said...

Hi Shirl and thanks for your kind comments - the trees are amazing in the Park - I love them in the winter when you can really appreciate their structure against a blue sky!

Gosh - so I had a lucky guess then? Mine are unpredictable. I don't see them for weeks then they visit for several days on the trot! I've been seeing them four about a week now and hope they stay a bit longer! Fingers crossed yours stay around too.

Lily said...

Beautiful photos, would make a lovely calendar.

Eagleseagles said...

Tricia -its Paul or Pauco. He always posts as anon....
its the gull man!

The Gull in flight is from 1st December.
I have to admit I liked the sole gull with rippled reflection as well!

I didn't venture out today
(except local shop) - altho i did think about Barnes...too cold!
Cant get out of tomorrow though - thankfully I dont have to leave until 10am.


Tricia said...

Thanks Lily :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, sorry should have said who i was! anonymous was just easy to post under. paul, i post under pauco on BBF.

The BH-Gull i meant is just under your photo of the Red-Crested Pochard, it was the under wing detail of the Gull i liked, its not easy to get good pics with the detail you captured. Again you have some really lovely photos, its just i am a bit of a Gull nut, as Corinna, whom i call 'sneaky' will tell you.

Eagleseagles said...

Wonder where my comment went?
Maybe I didn't post it after all!

Anon is Paul or Pauco (I bet) the Gull man .

The pic he is referring to is on 1st December.

They are good pics - and the sole BHG with rippling water is great!


Tricia said...

Hi Paul - All is revealed and now your gull comments make more sense. And thanks - I was reasonably pleased with the pic myself but wished the wing tip had been more in focus!

Anonymous said...

That makes it more intresting though Tricia, LOL

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tricia said...

Hi C and thanks - your original comment did come through but somehow got buried in other emails so I hadn't moderatied it! My apologies.

Although it looks like rippling water, it is in fact levels of broken ice!

oldcrow61 said...

You do take the most wonderful pictures.

Tricia said...

Thanks again OC - but I'm just lucky to have such photogenic subjects so close to home!

st said...

Female mallard preening is great, love the reflection.
Also like the trees, especially the last pic.

Tricia said...

Thanks ST - the light was really good and gave up good reflections as a result.

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