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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

and finally Paris

Had a really great few days so in summary:

I'd been to Paris before but never long enough to explore..... and explore we did.  So many interesting and historical places to visit.  Sadly, rather like London, the litter in places was disappointing and not pleasant.  This was something we didn't encounter in Florence.  Florence is altogether different and for me, certainly has the edge over Paris... In fact I know that I prefer Italy to France in general.

I did miss the greenery as Florence doesn't have the open spaces of Paris and certainly not of London where have green spaces and parks in abundance! BUT - although there's still places I want to see in Paris, Florence wins hands down - there's something very special about it!

The journey to Paris was quick on the way out although  12 minutes late on Europstar coming back. Not bad really.  The Metro was easy to use and I feel for foreigners coming into London encountering our Underground system with names.  Metro lines all have numbers... so much easier to follow!

I enjoyed every minute of the few days, the restaurant we patronized is definitely in my top favourite places to eat and generally, for my personal taste, I prefer French cuisine.

Sadly no more foreign trips this year but next year..... watch this space - hopefully I'll be back in Italy again :D

Thursday Paris - we arrived
Friday Paris - Rising to dizzy heights!
Saturday St. Chappelle, Jardin des Tuilleries and other places
Sunday Paris - Jardin de Luxembourg, The Pantheon, Pompidou area and others
Monday and finally we leave Paris

and the company was very good too ;)

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