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Monday, 8 October 2012

Paris... we arrived!

Seems months ago that I booked for Pete and I to go to Paris for a long fact it was!!  And Thursday 4 October arrived...

We set off by bus to local station and then through London to St. Pancras - all without a hitch.  We had to find a machine to print off our rail tickets.. no problems there either.

We'd allowed time to have some brekkie at St. Pancras - very nice scrambled eggs with mushrooms for me and scrmabled eggs with salmon for him :d.  Thus fortified we checked in, boarded and we were off!!

About two hours later we arrived in Gare du Nord and easily found the Metro line we needed to take us to our hotel - we arrived at about 2.00 pm ish

We decided to dump our luggage we set off in sunshine to explore.

Lovely views as we strolled along the banks of the River Seine.

As far as we could tell these padlocks all along both sides of the bridge's railings were symbols of love - couple inscribed their names on the padlocks; locked padlock to the railing and then threw the key in the river!

The Eiffel Tower... and that's another story

And our first port of call a visit to the Notre Dame - which was lovely

And then a stoll back to the hotel..

The view from the top floor of the hotel - the Sacre Coeur...amazing!

Tonight we decided to eat in the hotel; the food was good - served bistro style in the bar but it was good not to have to walk any more that day!


oldcrow61 said...

It looks like Paris is quite the place. Great shots. The statues are marvelous.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow, I would go crazy with all that history to photo got some great shots...thanks for sharing.

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