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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The wind blew along the coast... and some regular bird visitors with it.

I'm down on the coast for a couple of days.  Last night the wind raged and things outside banged and crashed.  The wheelie bins (out for collection) went AWOL and had to be returned to base

The light was dreadful and managed to dodge a couple of rain showers!

I wandered along the beach for a bit this morning; 1 solitary surfer taking advantage of the wind

It was getting near high tide and starlings were in abundance!

The wind at the point, coming straight off the sea, was so strong I had difficulty holding the camera still!  Hence record shots only!

Several Oystercatchers were out on the field just across from the beach..

as were about 50 Plovers

Also a few Turnstones (no pics)

Later on I dropped in at Warnham Nature Reserve - no Osprey today

On the way back, a look at the waves (a bit calmer now) at high tide... before heading off!


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Great photographs Tricia.

Rohrerbot said...

Tricia, these are very nice. Love all the bird shots. So MANY!!! Those waters look rough and cold:)

Gaina said...

Your record shots are far superior to mine! :D

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