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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Finally I get the bird... Osprey at Warnham Nature Reserve

I'd seen information that told me the Osprey had been seen at Warnham Nature Reserve at about 11.00 a.m.  I was out shopping having visited my mother and brother - HAPPY  BIRTHDAY, David :D so it wasn't too much of a detour on my way home.

I made straight for the hide where about 4-5 people were already watching.  The Osprey had recently (not seen by anyone present) caught a fish and was eating IT in the trees opposite.  The light was dreadful and the Osprey distant but, record shots they may be, but my first ones ever!!

Eventually it flew from it's meal-time perch and flew along to the far end of the lake...and there it sat, and sat, and sat... it's probably still sitting as I type ...

A large flock of Greylag Geese had landed just as I'd arrived and they were all intent on bathing!

And in front of the hide, a pair of Mallards had mated!!  Well I know it's mild but surely they know it's NOT Spring?.... ;)

On the way out a few birds from hide..

This is one of about 5 Black Sheep that are gracing the wildflower meadow... this now being shut to the public... presumably for the winter..

So quite a pleasant surprise and finally I got to see the Osprey before it departs for home territory!


Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the Osprey sighting and getting some photos - I would have been really pleased with those :)

The other photos are lovely too. I really like the ones of the Blue Tit.

Rohrerbot said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!!! Don't you just LOVE those days....when the world comes together with your expectations??!!!! I am waiting for that "Osprey moment" Beautiful collection of wildlife. Congrats:)

Tricia said...

RR - Thanks... I was so lucky as the Osprey was high up in trees far over on the other side of the lake! And the blue tit was very obliging!

Chris - a very lucky day for me.. I know just what you mean and thank you :D

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