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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Looking for the Osprey - and all I got was muddy!

I decided to look for the Osprey down on the Adur estuary on my way to my daughters.  The tide was just going out so I parked up and walked to the rivers edge.  I was able to walk under the road bridge as I'd seen some turnstones on the other side.

Managed to get a reasonable shot of said Turnstones and also views in either direction.

BUT after having taken a shot of the Turnstones, I decided to walk a bit further.  This was a mistake; my feet slipped in the silt; my feet shot out from under me.  I landed and got very very muddy.

Hey ho - time to go and change into something dry!!  Fortunately I had another pair of trousers in the car and my jacket - still drying!

Looking east..towards Shoreham

Looking west...

Turnstones... and it's not even a very good picture.. lol

1 comment:

Rohrerbot said...

You gotta love the little adventures that happen while out and has happened to me as poor car:)

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