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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Paris - rising to dizzy heights!

We had a rather lazy start to the day.  The Hotel's breakfast was excellent.  Cereals, Fruit, Cooked Eggs and Bacon, Cheeses, Cold Meats, various breads, pastries, brioche etc etc... A good breakfast was essential for what was to come....

We set off for the Eiffel Tower - but enjoying the views along the way

passing the Hotel des Invalides (which we will visit later on)

A few years back I had been to Paris on a day trip with my son, daughter and grandson.  We went up the Eiffel Tower and I only managed to get to the first stage.. whereupon I froze and had to come down.  Stupid!!  So, this time I was determined to get to the top....AND with very encouraging comments from Pete (who was keeping an eye on me), we got into the queue for the lift up to the uppermost level.  Well, it was AMAZING!!  and I was so glad I made it to the top... thank you Pete!

Regrettably the weather wasn't very good... the forecasts had Friday as one of the best days, hence our decision to 'ascend' today.  It was very overcast which was a shame; particularly as the pictures were not that good in the fuzzy light.

The wheels from one of the lifts

Having left the Tower, we strolled along the Champs Elyesses

Window display of Louis Vuitton

and the entrance doorway of Louis Vuitton.... sigh.... I didn't venture in..

and up at the top of the Champs Elysee we have the Arc de Triomphe

Back down on the other side of the Champs Elysee, we had lunch at one of many cafes and enjoyed being outside in the warm sunshine.  The BBC Weather forecast for Paris was wonderfully inaccurate having forecast rain.... so far, so good - just cloud but sunshine too :D

I had Croque Madame with a glass of something red, whereas Pete indulged in an omelette and a glass of something white!!

Continuing our tour of the day, we passed the Petite and Grand Palaces

and now a stop at the Hotel des Invalides.

where House Sparrows were bathing in the garden..


and into the Church...

and thus ended our city walk for today so off we went back to the Hotel.

We asked at reception for recommendations for Restaurants, and were given three.  The one we chose, The Petit Chaise,  is the oldest restaurant in Paris and was excellent.  Food was delicious and good choices... a more than acceptable sized menu - but it was difficult choosing!

Now what shall we have to drink?  Pete had promised champers if I made it to the top of the Tower - but the bar there was closed.  So a glass each of champers (thank you Pete ;) ), and a glass of white (for him) and red (for me).

And so ended another great day - and one in which I achieved something I didn't think I'd do!!

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Island Rambles Blog said...

Amazing little travels seem pretty bad compared to this....hope you had a great time...your photos are really really good.

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