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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A short wander at Warnham LNR

Confined to barracks most of the morning but after lunchtime I managed a short visit to Warnham.

It was very warm... just jeans and a T-shirt - lovely ... and the light was pretty good which was nice.

Not a huge amount about but it was the middle of the day.  Saw Peacock, Brimstone and also my first Orange Tip of the season.

Quite a few Tufted Ducks about..

A grabbed shot of a Coal Tit

Goldfinch perching..

and a Blue Tit in amongst the new growth of leaves.

The sun really showed off the colours of the Magpie

A female Chaffinch

A Peacock Butterfly up in the blossom..

and on the board walk..

A Pheasant strutted

Over in the wooded area, the primroses bloomed

A Great Tit after a snack..

and a Mute Swan preened in the sun and warmth

Not there for long but lovely to be out in the sunshine however briefly :)


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Coal tits make a heck of a din, like a car alarm, a very electronic sound! Not seen an orange tip yet, and they are a bugger to photograph with a mobile phone. As are all butterflies, and indeed, anything!

Chris Rohrer said...

Gosh that's a nice walk!!! You had beautiful weather and awesome birds. The only one I've ever seen is the Mute Swan. Nice!

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