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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Eastbourne and Sovereign Harbour

I went to Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne today for the first time!  This may sound strange since it's not that far away.  I've been to Eastbourne a couple of times but not to this area of it.

The sky was blue and the sea sparkling but quite a fierce wind..

This seems to be a new(ish) development... mostly of apartment buildings and some more attractive than others.  Ane quite a few thousands in boat stock in the harbour.!

Various sea inlets and where it's necessary to cross these, of which there are many, there are small rising pedestrian bridges.

This small harbour seems to be a way from the boat areas to the open sea.  I believe this is a Dredger doing what it should do.

We walked out to the sea and, by now, the wind was very strong and rather chilly!!

A series of Martello Towers still exist along this part of the coastline.  Until I looked up the information I had no idea they are as old as they are - being built during the Napoleonic War between 1805 and 1808.. We saw two of them from where we were standing

More info on the Martello Towers can be found here

A small fishing (?) boat came into the harbour as we walked back.

And by now we were hungry.  We stopped at one of the many cafes around the harbour - Seasons - where we had toasted Crab Sandwiches (which was on Ciabatta) with a side salad.  The crab is caught in Eastbourne and delivered to the cafe on the day of catching.. It was lovely... and we will be going there again.

Next time, hopefully, it will be warmer and we can sit outside in the sunshine.

There is also a 'wine wall' but I didn't go and look!!! VERY VERY remiss of me. BUT I was driving so I couldn't have indulged anyway :D...

Extract from the Seasons' site

Wine & Alcoholic Beverage List

Each day we have 16 wines from around the world ready in our machines for you to sample or enjoy by the glass. Our wine machines come all the way from Italy and can be used self-service by topping up a Taste Card, available from your Steward, or if you’d prefer to sit back and relax, just place your order with one of the team.

Seasons restaurant and deli Food Menu imageSeasons restaurant Drinks menu image

A lovely day out... Thank you KG.. :D

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